Scouted pairs artificial intelligence with  personalized support to better match job seekers with employers. I worked alongside other designers at Doberman to develop a new brand language and product experience that could scale with the startup.

To maintain the client’s privacy, a more detailed case study may be made available upon request.

My Contributions
Brand exploration, prototyping and user testing

Doberman Project
April - August 2018


My Role in Branding

I proposed early visual design directions based on various exercises with our team and the client. I also lead iterating on the company’s penguin mascot to sell proposed branding decisions.

My Role in Design

Flows were built with stakeholder feedback and audits of the existing product followed by user testing and subsequent revisions. I owned the design and prototyping of onboarding and employer dashboard experiences.

Our team used Figma to continually sync visual design updates across prototypes. I was responsible for maintaining the consistency of our shared component library for our own use and eventual developer handoff.